Dear Guest,

Please find your dishwasher´s instructions.

Programme 1 – Rinse only

Programme 2 – Full wash – greasy items

Programme 3 – Wash for non-greasy items

Programme 4 – Quick wash for slightly soiled items

When red line is ON the On/Off button, this means the machine is in the ON position.

Turn dial to required setting – Clockwise only.

 - Before starting the machine, check that the rotating arm under the top basket is free from obstruction.

 - Dishwashing agents such as powder, gels or tabs should be placed in the container and securely fastened before the door is closed.

 - Rinse aid should be topped up if the indicator in the door is not showing a complete circle of blue. Please advise the office, should you find this sign and our housekeeper will top it up.

 - At the bottom of the machine on the inside you will find the salt indicator. In the middle of the large screw cap is the indicator. If green indicator is not present, please advise the office and our housekeeper will fix it. The machine can be damaged if salt is not added.

If there is damage, fault or the dishwasher simply doesn't work, please inform the reception as soon as you can.