Dear Guest,

Here you can find attached your washing machine´s full instructions. Pages 9 to 12 for English.

Basic instructions:

Programme 2 – Very hot wash 90ºC

Programme 3 – Hot wash 60ºC

Programme 4 – Warm wash 40ºC

Programme 8 – Warm wash 40ºC – quick wash

Programme 10 – Cold wash 35ºC

When red line is on the On/Off button, this means the machine is ON .

Turn dial to required setting – Clockwise ONLY


The two other buttons should not have a red line showing, unless you require economy mode – Less water, or for the right hand button programme – Stop at spin mode.

Please Note: After the washing cycle is finished the door will be still locked for 2 minutes (or more depending on the brand). Only after that the door can be opened.